Film photography – the first film.

Apologies for my sudden disappearance.
My lungs hate this British weather.

I’ve been meaning to upload some of the images from my first film,
better late than never.
I started using film when I was in college, on a photography project,
then I was kindly given an old Canon Rebel G/EOS 500n by
a family member.
I’m still getting used to it but here are a few shots off the first film I got developed.
I love the grainy feel of nostalgia when using film.


This is my face.
I’ve never been keen on my face.
Enjoy these blown-out highlights.


Lovely frosty days.



Hoping to upload some more film images onto Flickr soon.
In the fullness of time.
I’m so slow.

Anybody else love film?


Artist’s block.

Anyone know how to get around it?
What helps you?

Have a photo of some roses.
I can’t wait for spring.


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